Welcome to Missoula BudLight Leagues

League Play begins September 15th!

Score sheets are now available.
You can find score sheets once entered by selecting the desire match in the Schedules section.

Handicaps are now in effect.
Teams can find averages for matches by selecting thier next match from the Schedules section.

Player Averages

Player averages are calculated automaticy by our system. The formula used is as follows:
avg = points ÷ games

points = total points
games = total games played
All averages are rounded to the nearsed whole number.

The lowest possible average is a 5, any player with an average lower than 5 will by defualt have an average of 5

Note :Playing on multipal teams

All Player Averages are Cumulative
The MBL allows members to play on multipal teams, however those players who play for multipal teams may have all games played applied to thier average.
The system will note if members are on several teams, but does not consider them as multipal people.


Handicaps are applied at the begining of week 4. On the score sheet, teams total the players Averages. The team with the lower total recieves the difference(high total - low toal) for each round.

Starting Averages for New Players in 8-Ball

When handicaps are in effect, new players averages are calculated at the end of the match. This average is applied to the score sheet and hadicaps are calculated accordingly.

September 29th, Tuesday-The Busboys (Union Club) will be playing at Press Box due to a Sponsor Calendar conflict.
Busboys will remain as the "Home Team" on the score sheets.


Handicaps are not used until the start of the 4th Week

League Rules

League rules are available online League Rules
Remember to check them frequently for changes.


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